Xperience is more than a Tribute performance, It’s a total exploration through the music, inspiration,and LIVE performances of one of the greatest POP-ROCK bands!
Energy, stagecraft and sound quality are reproduced with excellenceJoin this e perience, which will take you on a journey from the early 80’s, the KICK Tour, Live Baby Live, to the last Elegantly Wasted Tour.

Jayden, founder of the band has been selected at the ROCKSTAR audition in London,
as a potential new singer for the original INXS band.
Kirk Pengilly, guitarist and founding member of INXS, will point out Jayden’s accuracy and vocalresemblance with Michael Hutchence!
xperience is heart & passion for the happiness of the public.
Open your eyes, INXS is BACK !

Jayden D. de Malzine – Michael Hutchence / Lead Singer
Georges Vigneron – Kirk Pengilly /Guitar – Back Vocals
Raphael Wilhelmi – Jon Farriss / Drums
Charles Wilmet & Axel Michel – Kirk Pengilly / Sa
Yvan Barcaro – Tim Farriss / Guitar – Back Vocals
Arthur Attout – Garry Gary Beers / Bass
Thierry Delcourt – Andrew Farriss / Keyboards

ENTER THE xperience !
A precision work, An ceptional Band, A faithful music.

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